Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Favourite Computer Game of All Time

I remember the first time I was really into a computer game, was when I was 16.

Eh no, wait. It was when I was 13 but that was different! *ahem Pokemon cough*

Pokemon was really fun to play, I love catching all the Pokemons and I was so sure that if Pokemon was real, I would be one of the greatest Pokemon trainer EVER.



Pokemon wasn't my favourite computer game. Yeah sure it's fun, I love how you have to walk around in cities, trying to catch all the Pokemons bla bla bla. But no matter how hard you try, you just can't collect ALL Pokemons if you're playing using the computer. Some of the Pokemons, like Alakazam or Machoke, you need to trade them their pre-evolutions to get them. With a gameboy cable, yeah you can. But computer? No way.

That's when I start thinking, wouldn't it be great if players could interact with each other on the game? It's like another life in the game AND it'll be a great life, no deaths, have friends and living a special life. Not like here in reality, where all you do in life is born > grow up > study for a certificate > get a great job > get a family > grow old > die.

People just don't take dreams seriously these days. Sigh.

Anyway it was during near end of 2004, I was still playing Pokemon I guess. My best friend, Qi had introduced me to a really awesome online game. It was known to be the first online game in Malaysia.

It was Ragnarok Online.

This game seriously had changed my life.

Let me introduce abit about Ragnarok Online.

So basically, you start off as a novice, at the training grounds, then you level up to certain levels and then you get to change jobs. There are 6 main jobs - Swordsman, Merchant, Mage, Thief, Acolyte and Archer. Then after you reach a certain level you get to change to another higher level job.

For me, I will forever choose the Swordsman, which later will become a Knight.

But that time when I played Ragnarok for the first time, I had a really lousy PC spec, AND I was using dail-up line. So when I play it, it was NOT SMOOTH AT ALL.

My character don't walk in my screen, it teleports. To wherever I click to, after 2 seconds. And the graphic? HORRIBLE. I can't see anything when I'm in the forest.


Well I haven't got screen shots from years ago so I just photoshopped one. Believe me the original graphic was much worse.

And hitting monsters was so slow that it was getting on my nerves and I was super annoyed.

And guess what? I never reached the 2nd job. I was only like, Level 31, if not mistaken. She was a short hair blonde swordie name M1DoR1. Ugh.

There was really unforgettable events though. Like when I was killed by a very lousy monster for the first time(it was my first day playing) I was like OMG WTF HAPPENED? HOW CAN I GET UP? HELP!! I remember there was like a few people surrounded me asking me what happened. lol Newbies will always be newbies, but I was worse.

And the time I got my first headgear. A knight gave a ribbon to me and say "you'll look cute with it". X3 I don't remember his name though.

Oh yeah I forgot to say why I love this game so much.

I love how we can interact with other players.

Having a chat with the GM

Pink and Black = LOVE

It's really fun to play with friends.

Making our pets talk

Died while hunting items

And we get to have awesome pets - my fav is the peco peco. X3

Peco peco farm =D

We have Guild Wars, where guilds try hard to get castles. Team work is damn important and it was really fun. I love how people from other guilds tried to kill me but failed and pawned by me! XD

After war


My wedding =D (Was later divorced 'cause the server wiped)

You can even adopt other players as your child. X3

I played Malaysia server last time. I even pay to play it. I still remember. RM 4 daily card. lol

Then I stopped playing for a few years 'cause of my crappy PC(that's why I only managed to play until swordsman but not more). I still continue buying the installation CD though. Until Kyin introduced me to a international RO server. You get to play with players around the world.

I played at LegacyRO. The players are friendly, the GMs are friendly, and... it's just really fun playing in there.(Of course, before the server wiped)

GM summoned some seals 'cause we were annoying XD

The first lesbian wedding. o.o

I is Angeling! XD

So many memories... I was really addicted to it once. And till now, it's still my fav game of all time, eventhough I'm really too busy to play it. X_X


Not like DotA, the characters... the monsters... Ugly. =x

Oh yeah did I mention my form 5 school book, you know...the one where your class have a unique section? While other classes have pictures of classmates smiling and laughing together, my class section was only Ragnarok Online characters representing us all. Guess who's the one creating it. Ahem.

I love Ragnarok Online. I love it so so much.

Lol. Poring. X3




shawn kL said...

u dun looks like poring.. lol XD
I also played it. bt when it comes to pay to play then i dun wan play d...

hagane86 said...

why no pokemon online?

edwineyong said...

Hi, kei, nice to meet you. I know you from curryegg, and wow, you play pokemon too, and oh ya, computer can actually link and trade pokemon do you know?

Simon Seow said...

RO is my first online MMORPG but later found it to be too difficult to level up so I play World of Warcraft instead is is much more fun and better graphic. Now the only thing I do online is blog, read blog and check emails. LOL.

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