Monday, August 18, 2008

My Experience in World Cyber Games

Wassup everyone!

The internet is still not here yet, and now I'm at my college lab blogging while the others were listening to the class! lol!

As you all know(IF you guys notice my P/S at my previous entry), my team got selected to go compete Counter Strike with other bloggers. Well to be frank, I NEVER PLAYED COUNTER STRIKE. LOL.

kL wanted to join, but they need one girl member so I was in. lol I had abit of training but... hahaha. My team consist of 5 members, kL, cg, Hurleyz, irvine, and a CS newbie. =D They were all experienced in Counter Strike while I had none so it's hard to tell what they were saying. Not to say I don't understand the strategies at all, but I need time to digest it.


A few years back I really wanted to take part in the WCG, not in Counter Strike, but in another game called o2jam. It's one of the games that I still love until now, but their company, e-games bankrupt so there's no more o2jam. Sigh.

The morning of the day of WCG reminds me of exam seasons. It's quite similiar in:

1. You have to sleep early to make sure you get enough energy.
2. You have to practise before you leave the house, and
3. You need to eat before you play! If not where you get the energy right?

The only difference is that exams is torturing, games are fun. -_-

I'm pretty sure I done all that and was ready to play.

kL, cg and I reached there before 10am, before the gate was open. We were all quite nervous as we saw the REAL WCG players with the player pass.

After the rest of the members arrived, it's time for the Neffneng bloggers to gather around the SAMSUNG booth for a briefing.

Robb briefing

The leader of each team stood forward for the draw, and Hurleyz got us Team D! The first and second team were by non other than The Neffnang Team vs 5 bloggers(and I know one of them! =D Bryan!). Oh yeah and did I mention friendly fire was on? So you could just shoot your teammate, accident or not.

What suprised me is that Timothy Tiah, the co-founder of Neffnang is a really AMAZING player! I never expected that. lol Robb is not bad too! And the first blogger team was defeated.

Seeing how they play makes me super nervous 'cause I'm a new player! D= They'll pwn me BAD!!


I was a terrible player. XD I couldn't hurt anyone while I'm a Counter Terrorist. I tried aiming that person but it never helps. The whole team was messed up and I was so sure we're gonna lose......without killing anyone...

OMG I'm in a picture in Timothy Tiah's blog!

But a miracle happened when we were Terrorists.

It was like we had the Terrorist soul in us, I could kill people and it was like a easy game for us. Well, not THAT easy, but it's easier than being a Counter Terrorist. I KILLED 3 PEOPLE!! HAH!!

And suprisingly WE WON THE FIRST ROUND 'cause we won more matches than the other team!! WHICH MAKES US ELIGIBLE TO PROCEED INTO THE SEMIFINALS!! HEAR THAT? SEMIFINALS!!! LOL XD

Later then, the 2 leng zais go and find the blue-haired leng lui to take picture.

And then we just snap pictures of everything la. Like what a typical blogger would do.

The stage.

The players that played before us.

No one noticed, but our team was watching both teams very closely. lol

About this team, I seriously doubt they are real bloggers lo! 4 of the members, excluding the girl is like, proffesional CS players lo! They could easily beat the other team with like one of the four member. Immediately we could see who will win this competition. And guess who's fighting us next?

The Nuffnang Team.

As expected, I wasn't really great at Counter Terrorist, BUT I managed to kill Robb once. =D And I also accidently killed one of my teammate. LOL. YOU WERE RUNNING OUT WHILE I AM HAVING A GUNSHOT WITH THE ENEMY! Sorry I killed you XD whoever you are. lol


Compared to the first game, I improved! I killed 6 people while I'm a Terrorist. lol

I think people who watched me playing would remember me 'cause I'm the girl that sucked at CS AND move around alot while playing. I would react like I was really in the game and dodging bullets as stuffs. lol Fun. XD

But we still lost to the Nuffnang Team. =(

Rawr you gave me the chance to play and took them away from me!! WHY!!!!!!??

lol I had fun. XD

My food after we are defeated

Well, at least we were in the semifinals. lol And it was very lucky for ME to win a round. lol

The team

I took this picture one lor so I shall take credit for it. LOL

Kei and Robb

Oh yeah and and FINALLY met Kelly in person! She's so cute! X3 But didn't take picture though. =(

Then it was finally time for the prize giving event!

The winner for the bloggers CS competition is non other than the team that we had predicted will win. lol

There's this blog entry contest where you have to blog with the title "My all time most favourite computer game". Congratulations to the 2 happy winners!! ^^

What suprised me is, the winner of the 32" TV is TIMOTHY TIAH!!

I thought it was a joke at first but seems like it's true. o.o

Omg, I won? Hee hee.

However, being the fair person that he is, he gave up the prize!!

Later then, we bloggers went for a little high tea session! =3 I didn't eat though, still full from eating the pancake. lol

It was now that Timothy-sama told us what we can do to win that gorgeous 32" TV, and that is to blog about the WCG and including the blue-haired Samsung girls!!

Hohoho... It is from that moment, everyone got desperate. Wanna see how?

After the high tea session and taken a group picture, everyone went directly back to the WCG and hog the girls.


Desperate blogger 1

Desperate blogger 2

Desperate blogger 3

Desperate blogger 4

Desperate person-who-gave-up-tv

SO many desperate bloggers la. Including this person. Hehe.

And that concludes my day in WCG. It was awesome. End of story.



Hurleyz and Kei

Hurleyz: Eh what you guys doin?


Kei and cg

That's all BYE!!



P/S: Don't know if you guys noticed, but there's 2 parts where I had separated with "***", it was blogged at different places, the first part was as stated, at class, the 2nd part was at Starbucks yesterday and today I'm at V2 cyber cafe. Just to blog. LOL. My money. =(


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