Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mooncakes Count!


lol Hi people.

So shocking can, 10PM now and there's only TWO people visited my blog. Sad.

Anyways I've been eating so many mooncakes! I dunno why, but I love mooncakes. Maybe because they're sweet? I just can't stop eating them!

And since I ate so many mooncakes, I decided to count how many mooncakes I ate this year!

Now here are my Mooncake counting lists:

1. Chocolate Strawberry Fondue - Baker's Cottage

Comments: The chocolate feels abit like red bean, but it's not bad. =3

2. No Sugar Added White Lotus - Baker's Cottage

Comments: The crust kinda hard, but the filing is LOVE!

3. Rasberry Cheese - Baker's Cottage

Comments: Don't like the berry taste, but the cheese is love!

4. Toffee Chocolate Walnut Brownie - Baker's Cottage

Comments: This one is MOST LOVED!! I only ate 2 pieces, my dad ate all. =(

And now for the Mooncakes from Tai Thong!

5. Snow Skin Vanilla with Tiramisu - Tai Thong

Comments: It's kinda weird when I ate it at first, but it's not bad after awhile.

6. Assorted Fruit Nuts with Chicken Bits - Tai Thong

Comments: I SUPER DISLIKE THIS!!! It tasted weird and sweet and so many flavors in it!! X_X

7. Snow Skin Tropical Paradise - Tai Thong

Comments: It's new for me, and it taste good! My family loved it. X3

That's all for now, more mooncakes to come!




kim-chan said...

by just looking at the fruit nuts in the mooncake i already dislike it LOL. And the looks of it so scary =/ taste really bad ? T_T awww

but i kind of love that chocolate mooncake. Why cannot all are chocolate coating mooncake? XD I sure will buy it!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Eto...when is the mooncake festival? lol

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

WALAU~ O_O so many mooncakes you have eaten!!! WHERE'S MINE????? =__________="
I haven't eat even ONE PIECE! *sob sob* T_T
Haha, I like the Toffe mooncake's design~ So cute! Got rabbit! XD
I dun like the assorted fruit nuts mooncake also, so weird~ X_X

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