Monday, August 11, 2008

Line moving

!! Attention Please~ !!

I might not be online for these few days.

Ever since I moved to my new house with no internet, I've been going back and forth to my old house. Although it's not really far from my current home but
yeah, it's VERY troublesome. THEY say there will be no phone line till next month. I was like what the fook? But there's nothing I could do but choose the troublesome way la.

Recently they say the phone line is available so my dad told me today that he's cutting the line today. Then two days later, attach the phone line. THEN finally, streamyx. So... might be till weekend. X_X

How come I can online now? I have no idea. Maybe Telekom decide to delay it. lol

Anyway I won't be online for a few days, that means no blogging. Check my twitter then! LOL.



P/S: LOL Our team got chosen by Nuffnang to play CS in WCG! LOL XD Ganbatte team! (although I only know 2 of the team members..)


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