Friday, July 4, 2008

Random stuffs

First of all I wanna say


YES! It's his birthday again! Ahh~ It's been like... 4 years? I was 17 back then, along with Seisyun... Yes, it's because of him came to our beautiful friendship right? Because of him, we watched Moon Child. Because of Moon Child, I'm known as Kei now. Because of him, we formed Seisyun...

Yes he's quite important for each of us in Seisyun. X3

For new readers, Seisyun = my group of friends.

Ahh and because of him I get to saw my first dream guy(now it's Yoshiki from X Japan. =D), which is his violinist/guitarist, YOU!

Kurosaki YOU

That's why I'm Kurosaki Kei. =D

And thus, my love for violin until now. lol

Anyway hope he has a great day and more songs to be released soon!! X3 Can't wait!

Class today was all ok, CISCO networking class too... It's not really hard, with some help from Kame and Yin Chun. It all worked out well. Our(me and Shvon's) PC are successfully connected. YAY! =D


However at the beginning of the class something happened that made us go "sigh....".

The tutor was displaying our results on the projector and there was one person that got full marks and everyone was shocked. When I saw the name, immediately I knew who that was cause... well... let's just say I'm a really great stalker on Friendster, which means I'm quite good at searching other people's Friendster account. lol

The moment I saw that name, with a 100, I was kinda down. 'Cause... For some reason, I've been comparing myself with her, who was like good at everything that I sucked at. I know I'm not suppose to compare with others but... that's the fact. I'm not good at most things! I tried thinking my good points and the only thing I could think of that I'm good at is spend money on comics. And eat.

... Right I have to start study hard now.

Had a Liberal Arts replacement lecture today, and it was not bad. Enjoying. XD

Man if only all my classes were like so, I would be sooooo happy.

I love it when we're given classical music to listen... and I think that J.S.Bach's music is awesome!! I LOVE Prelude and Fugue in C Minor! And there's so many songs that I enjoy so much. Ahh~ Being in that class is the only time that I'm alive. lol

And one more thing! The song Little Organ Fugue in G Minor by J.S.Bach was also used in X Japan's song Rose of Pain. I was so shocked when I heard that song and felt so familiar. I was so sure it was one of X Japan's song... and it was Rose of Pain. My brilliant Yoshiki!! He's the only one that can make classicals into a awesome rock song. X3

And I can't stand it when people make fun of these. It's Music Appreciation, try to enjoy and APPRECIATE la!! The purpose of this subject is to let students develop their right brain(creativity etc.), but I'm already a right brain person, so this makes me a even true right brain person. lol Backfired.

End of my college stories for today. Tomorrow's Saturday which means NO CLASS!! And MORE SLEEP!! WOO HOO!!

Oh yeah and I'm sure that bloggers would definitely know the cyber war between the 2 well known Singaporean bloggers, Xiaxue and Dawn Yang.

Taken from KennySia's blog, by KIDCHANSTUDIO

This topic is so hot, everyone's talking about it, well at least for me.

Apparently, Xiaxue nearly got sued for writing how she felt about Dawn Yang, saying some things that MIGHT BE true, but denied by Dawn Yang. And saying how Dawn isn't a TRUE blogger. The war continues when Dawn's manager acts unreasonably, leaving comments saying that he's disappointed with Xiaxue bla bla bla. Things like that.

You could just read the blog post that she had deleted at Dawn Yang's hate site, Dawn Wayang, or read the remaining war progress here, at Xiaxue's blog. And Dawn's respond towards all of these.

Personally I think that none of them were to say completely right or completely wrong, it's just that Xiaxue IS well known for speaking her thoughts, being herself, no secrets. As for Dawn? Well no one know how she really is like, since she denies most things, like plastic surgery. Xiaxue may have gone too far, but Dawn's really suspicious, which makes her really mysterious. Or you could just say she's a big fake in a mean way.

I'm not a reader of Dawn's so I can't make any judgments towards her. I feel sorry that she had to take all of Xiaxue's mean opinions though. It really is a pain having to see all these in someones blog. Imagine when you wake up one day and you saw some guy who you thought were cool with each other suddenly update a post which says you're liar etc. How would you feel?

Hope this war that supposely stopped won't revive soon.



P/S: Pausing these feelings, maybe. Leaving your side, can't do.


=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

LOL~ Never thought that you'll talk about XX and DY in your blog... Haha...
But anyway, what's the P.S means? Mind to tell?

kurokei said...

hahaha coz really too geng liao this issue. i really thought they were ok to each other 1 mana tau xiaxue dun like her. lol
the P.S ah~ lol tell u next time la hehe

Jason said...

Pleaseeee...stop the right brain nonsense,young lady.I'm a right brain as you are and I'm currently majoring in science subject,and doing good in business related courses.Sometimes you just have to wake up and think anout your future.Passion for music and japan comic cant provide you your 3 meal per day right?

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