Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I haz Stress

Apparently I can't stand being girly so I'll continue blogging with my style.

The last entry was too extreme. It used to help when I release my anger while blogging, but now it doesn't seem to help much anymore.

What to do, I'm over stressed.

My head hurts everyday, and to be frank, I haven't been happy or enjoying my life ever since... I forgot when.

Everyday it's like this.
Thousands of arrows, shooting my head. I can really feel like that. The different colors means different things different issues. And then it became like this.

Overpowered by arrows.

Really tired already. Don't wanna think so much BUT. Whenever I try to think something, just a simple question, like how are you, it takes time for me to answer it. o.o I think I'm getting old and my memory and response time reduces.

The arrow pointed area actually shows an image inside my head, which is empty but completely messy and confusing, and not frustrated or annoyed. I do get annoyed though, 'cause whenever I try to think something, nothing came out. It's like, complete silence.

And then my head starts to hurt badly, which made me go blank and lost and sick and thus, anxiety. Sigh.

It's not that I think too much, but it is a fact that I AM UNDER STRESS.

o.o omg who knows later I might get double personalities, like Tamama and Nishikawa Momoka from Keroro Gunsou! HAHAHA!! XD But that's horrifying so... hope I won't. X_X




P/S: omg. I thought you knew. Here, this song, for you.


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