Saturday, July 19, 2008


Sorry for the emo posts, I wasn't quite myself.

I don't want to go through anything, just straight to the point, I'm having some erm, problems. lol

Anyway it's all clear now, I think. I might not have a chance but, at least I'm ok with it.

And I think it's time for a change!!! My appearance I mean.

I'm not a person who loves to get dressed, well I love dress ups but I'm too lazy to get well dressed, put on make up and look lovely. It's just not me. I cannot imagine myself in dresses and I seldom wear skirts.

Being not girl-like doesn't mean I hate getting dressed up. I love them, but I'm just too lazy, or... How should I say this... Let's say you're a tomboy, you're in this shop and you saw this really cute top or cute dresses and you're like "OMG that's just so cute!!"

But when you remember that you might not be suitable in them, you'll just stare at the clothes, and leave the shop unsatisfied. It might not occur to you guys but it happened to me.

I KNOW! There's just SOOOOOOOOOO many cute and lovely clothings that I wish I could have, but there's a MAIN problem.

I'm broke.

Yeah, like penny-less.

I tried thinking of what styles that I should go for, but none of them worked for me, well I really love the JRock look but no money, no really-awesome-cool-sex-pot-revenge-or-any-other-expensive-punk clothing. AND the punk "trend" in Malaysia is really freaking me out 'cause they failed miserably at trying to be cool.

The Gazette

I also loved the boyish look, hide inspired. It feels really comfortable with those big shirts and baggy pants, and the shades. However I hate being categorized as a TB, which is tomboy and whaddaya know, it's also a very popular trend for lesbians. Not to say that I hate lesbians or anything BUT it's all T-Shirts. And that got boring.


There's also the lolita, which I'm sure no one would wanna see me being like them. But dang I love lolitas. Those lace dresses are just so lovely. X3

It's weird isn't it? To love punkish styles, which are hard, and lolitas, which are soft and sweet. It's same like how I love rock and metal songs. Lovely complexes. lol.

Then I tried to go for the mature look, then the tie and collar shirt, long sleeve, and the polo T. Sigh. Dang I just don't know what style suits me best!
Anyway I went out on a trip today! Alone. =3 I actually wanted to go get a haircut at Sungei Wang but the hairstylist that was recommended by Shvon is on a holiday! T_T too bad. Haha. So I went to Petaling Street, bought a few comics, then went to Kinokuniya at KLCC to check out some books.
Ah~ There's so many things to do! But I guess I'm gonna work hard on my studies first. =3
P/S: Motto tooi ni natta.


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