Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Busy busy busy

Sorry I couldn't update earlier, I've been so busy these days! Assignments, exams, argh. I'm tired, even though I'm sure other people are more hardworking than I am...

Fine! I admit! I'm lazy. Happy? lol

Classmates waiting for class

Everyday it's like, the same routine again and again and again.... oh wait, and again. Although it's not as frustrating as last time, it's still very tiring.

Oh however there was this presentation yesterday, which went quite well. XD We were given to choose our own topic to present on English class, which I had a REALLY HARD time figuring out what to present. I wanted to find something that interest me, that I really understand so I won't be like, presenting something I'm clueless on.

The first topic I actually chose was the Cultures of Japan, 'cause I overheard 2 guys on the bus talking about the presentation and after listening to their "suggestions" they gave each other, that topic just pop up in my head.

But since this is a English class, and from the sample presentation topics were all kinda like science related, so I dropped the idea 'cause it seems so informal and asked suggestion from my teacher. She asked me to present about the things that I love and is comfortable to presenting of.

Let's see... I love to online.

And I love to read comics.

This pic was taken 2 years ago, what do you think?

Oh yes and I love music.

My mp3 folder

It's just so hard to choose!!

So after a looonnngggg consideration, I still chose the first topic, and that is the Cultures of Japan.

It went pretty well, I introduced the clothing, festival and otaku culture. lol Clothing includes Lolita! XD Yay! OMG AND I INCLUDED MANA's PICTURE IN THERE. LOL

Yes, he's a he, but he ain't gay


Ah~ Mana-sama~

And I also talked about cosplay, which before I end my presentation I showed a one minute clip of Hare Hare Yukai dance from The Melanchony of Suzumiya Haruhi, which is danced by anime fans from a few countries. =3 Showing them the major influences that gave foreign countries.

There's some other really interesting topics too, someone even brought coffee, which was related to his topic.

I wanted to bring my Yukata too but... well I'm running out of time. lol

Random pic of my classmates

There was one day me and my family was like "Hey! What should we eat for dinner today?" since there's still no gas in the new house, which means we can't cook home food. So my mum suggested to go try the new steamboat which is open near my house. She was actually just saying and wanted to suggest another place. But since we never went there before, I insisted on going.

And I regretted.

Neo Steamboat, if name not mistaken, is a buffet steamboat restaurant, where you can eat all you want and it includes the bakar food(ikan bakar, sotong bakar etc.). It looks really nice seeing the food displayed there. And then you see the price.

X_X!! The price is actually OK, but since we are eating dinner, with a family member of four, which is RM22.55 x 4 = ??? I'll leave the counting to you. I'm sorry dad. =(

Since we are already seated and the guy poured the soup, we had to stay. =(

So we ate....

And ate....

And ate....

Till I can't eat no more!! X_X

But the food was really nice. Suitable for college buddies celebration or outing dinner. =3

Here's something really random,

I ate waffles! In college!

Chocolate + Butter!

I never actually ate the waffles in college. I remember I last time I ever ate a waffle was like ... primary school and it was the one with vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup. X3

It taste soooooo good! Yum!

Oily though. =_=

I've been eating alot of sweet food, or should I say CRAVING for sweets these days. I wonder why. lol

Hmm... What else is happening...

Oh yeah, the Internet Programming( practical test. It was horrible. End of discussion.

I went to KLCC later then though.

It was damn crowded since there is the PC Fair at the convention centre. We didn't go though, I mean, we did, but we just went in, walk for like less than 10 minutes and went out.

Was too depressed from the disaster of the practical test.

My dad went to Petaling Street one day and he bought me and my sis a gift!

You might be thinking, what the heck? A toy car?

But it's not just any toy car....



There's this campaign at college, called the Truly Loving Campaign to spread the love, which I think is really awesome.

We are given each a heart shaped paper to write our love messages, and paste it on a board! XD

Visit Truly Loving Campaign blog! =D

And that's all for my entry today, it's quite messy and random 'cause I'm squeezing things that happened on different days to one entry. Love ya'll!




shawn kL said...

WA transformer... but y so noob de can stuck on da wall.. XD

hagane86 said...

lol... like sucide bomb transformer..."u gonna die...u gonna die" kinda of feel.
btw.... one shot post so many things.. wat is the post title again? BUSY. >,<

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