Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Busy busy busy

Sorry I couldn't update earlier, I've been so busy these days! Assignments, exams, argh. I'm tired, even though I'm sure other people are more hardworking than I am...

Fine! I admit! I'm lazy. Happy? lol

Classmates waiting for class

Everyday it's like, the same routine again and again and again.... oh wait, and again. Although it's not as frustrating as last time, it's still very tiring.

Oh however there was this presentation yesterday, which went quite well. XD We were given to choose our own topic to present on English class, which I had a REALLY HARD time figuring out what to present. I wanted to find something that interest me, that I really understand so I won't be like, presenting something I'm clueless on.

The first topic I actually chose was the Cultures of Japan, 'cause I overheard 2 guys on the bus talking about the presentation and after listening to their "suggestions" they gave each other, that topic just pop up in my head.

But since this is a English class, and from the sample presentation topics were all kinda like science related, so I dropped the idea 'cause it seems so informal and asked suggestion from my teacher. She asked me to present about the things that I love and is comfortable to presenting of.

Let's see... I love to online.

And I love to read comics.

This pic was taken 2 years ago, what do you think?

Oh yes and I love music.

My mp3 folder

It's just so hard to choose!!

So after a looonnngggg consideration, I still chose the first topic, and that is the Cultures of Japan.

It went pretty well, I introduced the clothing, festival and otaku culture. lol Clothing includes Lolita! XD Yay! OMG AND I INCLUDED MANA's PICTURE IN THERE. LOL

Yes, he's a he, but he ain't gay


Ah~ Mana-sama~

And I also talked about cosplay, which before I end my presentation I showed a one minute clip of Hare Hare Yukai dance from The Melanchony of Suzumiya Haruhi, which is danced by anime fans from a few countries. =3 Showing them the major influences that gave foreign countries.

There's some other really interesting topics too, someone even brought coffee, which was related to his topic.

I wanted to bring my Yukata too but... well I'm running out of time. lol

Random pic of my classmates

There was one day me and my family was like "Hey! What should we eat for dinner today?" since there's still no gas in the new house, which means we can't cook home food. So my mum suggested to go try the new steamboat which is open near my house. She was actually just saying and wanted to suggest another place. But since we never went there before, I insisted on going.

And I regretted.

Neo Steamboat, if name not mistaken, is a buffet steamboat restaurant, where you can eat all you want and it includes the bakar food(ikan bakar, sotong bakar etc.). It looks really nice seeing the food displayed there. And then you see the price.

X_X!! The price is actually OK, but since we are eating dinner, with a family member of four, which is RM22.55 x 4 = ??? I'll leave the counting to you. I'm sorry dad. =(

Since we are already seated and the guy poured the soup, we had to stay. =(

So we ate....

And ate....

And ate....

Till I can't eat no more!! X_X

But the food was really nice. Suitable for college buddies celebration or outing dinner. =3

Here's something really random,

I ate waffles! In college!

Chocolate + Butter!

I never actually ate the waffles in college. I remember I last time I ever ate a waffle was like ... primary school and it was the one with vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup. X3

It taste soooooo good! Yum!

Oily though. =_=

I've been eating alot of sweet food, or should I say CRAVING for sweets these days. I wonder why. lol

Hmm... What else is happening...

Oh yeah, the Internet Programming( practical test. It was horrible. End of discussion.

I went to KLCC later then though.

It was damn crowded since there is the PC Fair at the convention centre. We didn't go though, I mean, we did, but we just went in, walk for like less than 10 minutes and went out.

Was too depressed from the disaster of the practical test.

My dad went to Petaling Street one day and he bought me and my sis a gift!

You might be thinking, what the heck? A toy car?

But it's not just any toy car....



There's this campaign at college, called the Truly Loving Campaign to spread the love, which I think is really awesome.

We are given each a heart shaped paper to write our love messages, and paste it on a board! XD

Visit Truly Loving Campaign blog! =D

And that's all for my entry today, it's quite messy and random 'cause I'm squeezing things that happened on different days to one entry. Love ya'll!



Saturday, July 26, 2008

Blogspot's First Meme

I got meme-ed!! By 2 different people, hagane86 and kayee. lol Ok then I've completed it, here's my answer.

被点到名字的要在自己的博客里写下自己的答案, 然后去掉一个你最不喜欢的问题,再补上一个你的问题,仍然组成20个问题。

The ones who got meme-ed must complete the survey, then take out a question that you dislike most and add another question, so it remains as 20 questions.
Tag 5 other people, and list out their names.
And you need to leave a message at their blogs telling them they got meme-ed!
The meme-ed must answer the questions, the ones who completed the game will get blessing from everyone.
These 5 people have to say where they received the meme, and tag 5 other people, and pass it around without returning. The ones who got tagged will get everyone's blessing, and all wonderful dreams will come true in near future....

I was tagged by hagane86/kayee.

1.What are your goals/dreams?
A musician, anything related to music or arts.

2. 这辈子最快乐的是什么事?
2. The most happiest thing in your life?
>嗯,太多了呢。认识SEISYUN的人和认识了YOSHIKI吧让我醒觉了对音乐的爱 <3。>Hmm, too many. Getting to know Seisyun and knowing YOSHIKI which lead me to the awakening of love towards music.

3.Favourite colour?

4. 现在有喜欢的人吗?怎么认识的?
4. Do you have a crush now? How did you know each other?
>有!在网上偶然找到的X JAPAN的YOSHIKI!! (哈哈,是偶像啦)
Yeah, found him on the net one day, X JAPAN's YOSHIKI!! (Haha, he's an idol)

5. 你最想去哪个地方? 为什么?
5. Where do you wish to go the most? Why?
>我要在我生日那天去巴黎,因为X JAPAN在那里开演唱会啊!!! >< (真难得不是日本)
I wanna go to Paris on my birthday, 'cause X JAPAN's having a live there!!! >< (Weird to see not Japan)

6. 最受不了自己哪个缺点?
6. What is your weakness that you can't stand the most?
Lack of self confidence.

7. 如果有不开心的事情 你会怎么办?
7. What will you do if you face something sad?
> 听摇滚歌,大声唱出来发泄,然后再听抒情歌,冷静下来. (大多数都是X JAPAN的歌)
Listen to some rock music, release my sadness by singing out loud, then listen to some ballad, to cool down. (Mostly X JAPAN's songs)

8. 最害怕失去的东西?
8. Most afraid to lose..?

9. 五年内比较现实的目标是什么?
9. What is the practical target within this 5 years?
To graduate successfully.

10. 抚心自问,你爱自己吗?
10. Ask yourself, do you like yourself?
Not really, it depends.

11. Favorite song?
> 现在暂时是... 摩萨特的Eine kleine Nachtmusik~A Little Night Music~ (为什么不是X JAPAN呢?因为他们的歌我全部都喜欢,没有最喜欢的
For now it's... Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik~A Little Night Music~ (Why not X JAPAN? 'Cause I love ALL of their songs, no favorites)

12.What weird things that you wish to happen?
Get really good grades.

What age do you wish to live until?
Until I achieved all my dreams.

14. 你最讨厌怎样的人?
14. You Hate which type of people the most?
Ones who forgets his friends once they dated, arrogant, not cooperative and whoever who offended me.

15.Are you satisfied with your life?
Not satisfied.

16. 现在的你最想做些什么?
16. What do you wish to do the most now?
Study music.

17. 你认为遇到什么样的事情才会令你觉得人性很黑暗?
17. What do you think will make you think that the human nature is dark?
Being betrayed by the one you trusted.

18. 如果能让你实现一个愿望 会是什么?
If you can have a wish, what will you wish for?
I wish I can play all instruments.

If god will give you one thing and take away another, what do you think it will be?
Give me the chance to learn music, and take away my love life.

20. 你找到你自己了么?
Have you found yourself?
Found it, but is it too late?

The five people I wish to know more about:
Reiko, Mizvon, Vortrack, curryegg, kim-chan. =3

Happy meme! XD

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today I'm gonna introduce you people something really interesting! =D


it's for girls only, sorry!! 'Cause guys might not like these things.

If you guys insist on reading it, go ahead. Don't say I didn't warn ya. lol

First it's
poupee girl!!

Reiko introduced me to this like a year ago and I'm still loving it!

So what exactly is poupee girl?

Poupee means “ doll” in French. In Poupeegirl, Poupee is a character that appears instead of you on the screen.

~quote from Poupee Help page

What's so fun about this Poupee thingy?

It's kinda like a dress up game. You dress them up in cute clothings and takes snapshot of them, and there's sooo many kinds of cute outfits in the poupee world, you just have to get it.

How do you get those various kinds of clothes? Easy. By posting YOUR clothes. YOUR real accessories. In exchange you'll get poupee items and ribbons, used for buying stuffs and sometimes shells. With 5 shells you can exchange them for an poupee item that other users had discarded at the Shell Spring. There's a limit for poting your items though.

This might sound boring right? But for girls, dress up games are fun. X3 lol

My poupee can be seen at the side bar, if you're too lazy to go find it well here it is.

It's summer now so my poupee is wearing swimsuits too. X3 Very summer feeling right?

If only their items are real. They all look so cute it's a waste they're not selling them but just a made up clothings.

So girls! Join poupee girl today! =D

Oh yeah I almost forgot. It's a japanese website BUT no worries! 'Cause the site is so popular overseas it was translated to english! =3 They couldn't translate ALL though...but I'm sure you'll manage. *winks*


Ever saw items that are decorated with blinking crystals that are so cute and attractive?

You can just buy the crystals and do them yourselves but it's soooooo time consuming and you might not be so creative to make them so in the end you just give up. No blinky cellphones. No blinky laptops. No nothing. It'll all just be a dream.

Don't you just wish that there's someone who could do them for you?


Visit Blinky World!!

With a reasonable price, they can help you to decorate handphone protective covers in blinky crystals according on how you want it to be! They also do laptops, camera, mp3s and so much more!

Here are some completed products!

Not bad right?

What are you waiting now? Visit Blinky World now and get your modified and unique items! X3

Told 'cha this is a girl topic. lol

Until next post~ Bye!



P/S: Ahh~ Suddenly, I don't think I know you anymore.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Sorry for the emo posts, I wasn't quite myself.

I don't want to go through anything, just straight to the point, I'm having some erm, problems. lol

Anyway it's all clear now, I think. I might not have a chance but, at least I'm ok with it.

And I think it's time for a change!!! My appearance I mean.

I'm not a person who loves to get dressed, well I love dress ups but I'm too lazy to get well dressed, put on make up and look lovely. It's just not me. I cannot imagine myself in dresses and I seldom wear skirts.

Being not girl-like doesn't mean I hate getting dressed up. I love them, but I'm just too lazy, or... How should I say this... Let's say you're a tomboy, you're in this shop and you saw this really cute top or cute dresses and you're like "OMG that's just so cute!!"

But when you remember that you might not be suitable in them, you'll just stare at the clothes, and leave the shop unsatisfied. It might not occur to you guys but it happened to me.

I KNOW! There's just SOOOOOOOOOO many cute and lovely clothings that I wish I could have, but there's a MAIN problem.

I'm broke.

Yeah, like penny-less.

I tried thinking of what styles that I should go for, but none of them worked for me, well I really love the JRock look but no money, no really-awesome-cool-sex-pot-revenge-or-any-other-expensive-punk clothing. AND the punk "trend" in Malaysia is really freaking me out 'cause they failed miserably at trying to be cool.

The Gazette

I also loved the boyish look, hide inspired. It feels really comfortable with those big shirts and baggy pants, and the shades. However I hate being categorized as a TB, which is tomboy and whaddaya know, it's also a very popular trend for lesbians. Not to say that I hate lesbians or anything BUT it's all T-Shirts. And that got boring.


There's also the lolita, which I'm sure no one would wanna see me being like them. But dang I love lolitas. Those lace dresses are just so lovely. X3

It's weird isn't it? To love punkish styles, which are hard, and lolitas, which are soft and sweet. It's same like how I love rock and metal songs. Lovely complexes. lol.

Then I tried to go for the mature look, then the tie and collar shirt, long sleeve, and the polo T. Sigh. Dang I just don't know what style suits me best!
Anyway I went out on a trip today! Alone. =3 I actually wanted to go get a haircut at Sungei Wang but the hairstylist that was recommended by Shvon is on a holiday! T_T too bad. Haha. So I went to Petaling Street, bought a few comics, then went to Kinokuniya at KLCC to check out some books.
Ah~ There's so many things to do! But I guess I'm gonna work hard on my studies first. =3
P/S: Motto tooi ni natta.

Friday, July 18, 2008

I now announce myself

As a depressed.

I shall shut myself up, seal my feelings inside so that no one will know it. That means you.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Honey and Clover Quotes

[Hoping for the one that you love]
[to fall for you too]
It's only one simple thing,
but why do I feel like,
forever I cannot reach it.
Only keep on and on,
staying at the same spot.

To [give up]...
How exactly can I do it...
Deciding [give up], then following the plan?
The decisions later will be all decided by [I had already gave up afterall],
and continue to push away our own true feelings?
One day for sure...
the scent of the coffee colored hair,
the touch of the freezing cold ear,
the warmth of the back of the shirt.
All of all,
will all disappear on that day?
And the strong pain of the chest,
all of all,
won't leave a scar?
It's like...
it never happened.

Women, once in love, will become more and more beautiful,
men just can't.
Will just get clumsier...
Make a cup of coffee,
and will then use a soft voice,
softly humming the song I missed.

Cherry Blossoms,
went pass my sight,
and danced infront of my eye.
It feels like...
The same film, playing again and again infront of me...
Rewind, and rewind.
I love cherry blossoms,
but I don't know why,
looking at them falling, made me relief.
Maybe because, I could...
Get some release from appreciating it's feeling of the disappearing sadness.

If you feel like there's something in your chest when 2 people are together,
and you feel pain even when you're eating...
If that feeling is love,
It's clear, I'm a one-sider.

For the sake of your words,
I tied up my hair, chose types of yukata,
spent alot of time wearing it,
stepping on clogs that I'm not used to wearing,
heart beating,
it's not for who,
it's just to hear your words.
I sincerely hope,
hope that your heart, just a little bit,
a little bit should be more than enough,
that on this moment,
will fall for me.
will I make up such dreams?
not willing to give up,
it's just like an idiot.

There's many many words came to my head at once,
but each words were like purposely made up,
that made people couldn't speak up due to awkwardness.
So I could only look at,
the winter day sunlight that goes through the brown hair that I really loved.

The love I saw at tv and magazines,
were all so happy,
but mine is like,
and feels horrible.

If to get happiness,
I have to make someone miserable,
this two situations will happen at once,
how should I choose then?

Dear God,
what is my purpose of life?
What should I do to find it?
Once I found it, will I become stronger?
....Oh no, my mind is blank.
a strange sound kept ringing in my head.
What sound is that...?
Ah, I know.
The sound of emptiness.


The above are some quotes that I really love that are from the manga Honey and Clover. There's more but I just listed a few because of the time limit - I have to go back to my old house a few minutes later. lol

Honey and Clover is not just some girl comic, it's about life and some humour. And it's really quite meaningful, however some might think that they're boring. For me, I love it. Very much.

I can't believe they released only 10 volume!! They should release more!!

It's in chinese 'cause I copy them straight from the comic. lol.

Ok that's all for today. I love Honey and Clover and I LOVE MORITA(one of the character in the comic)! XD




Yet another emo

Everyday it's the same story, I'm acting like this again and again, but nothing seems to change much.

I had been emotional and mentally weak ever since the day I realized.

What did I realized?

Anyway this blog entry is all the things I wanted to say but couldn't 'cause I can't express them in speech.

As soon as I thought of something and wanted to type this out, I then realized that I don't even know what I'm trying to say.

Ok here goes.

Why should I do this?

Why would I want this?

I asked myself, she asked me.

Is it worth it?

Yes, a faint voice inside of me answered.

I holded my tears, I try to hold back. Nothing actually works.

I know I shouldn't be selfish, but who am I to speak?

Yes, I'm jealous. It might be not what I think it is, but yes, I will still. Whenever I saw it.... A strange rage was built inside of me.

I tried to control, I tried.

I tried to seal it, I tried.

It's hard, but still I have to.

If I don't........ I'm sure, I will be crushed.

I wanted to cry, I couldn't. Not infront of you.

But when I went back home, I was too tired to let out my emotions, so I kept it.

And the arrival of the next day, it's the same thing over and over again.

Why am I pushing myself? I don't know.

Why have I become like this?

I'm used to it already, whenever I'm in that condition.

I want to shout, I want to run, I want to cry, but I couldn't. It's such a horrible feeling, but I'm trying hard to cope with it.

I guess I'm still young. lol

I never expected that I will be so poisoned.

Yes, I might be...


You don't have to understand what I'm saying here, I'm just trying to express my feelings, in a unusual way.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It's been like a few days since I blogged, I really wanted to blog but my new house have no internet line and I've been busy a few days ago. I stayed overnight at my old house on Thursday~Friday for assignment and I slept for less than an hour. It was really rushing 'cause the tutor said there's some problem so I was actually exercising the whole day walking here and there. Lucky we made it. XD

After the less sleeping and all the running, I can't believe that we still have the energy to play tennis after school. o.o

The opening ball was started by Calvius and he hit the ball into the metal barrier and it got stuck. lol I took a picture of it but I think I'll just leave it for your imagination how that situation was like.

Calvius vs Kame


It was really fun, it's been awhile since I played tennis. Plus it was after the long stress, assignments, so it had been really enjoying and relaxing after moving and sweating. =3

After I went home, I didn't go back to the old house to online 'cause I had enough of computers that day. I just wen straight home, bath, dinner watched Friends, and fell asleep on the couch.

Next it was Bon Odori, on Saturday! =D

And guess what I'm wearing?


Thanks to MA Kingdom, I bought it a few months ago and is ready for Bon Odori! =3 (Check it out, it has really neat stuffs in there - Lolita dresses, punk clothings etc.)

I was really pissed off at first because we took 1 hour+ to wear the obi(the belt thingy), and we were so late for the gate opening. However we got really excited later.

As promised, pink nail polish!!

Fear the pink nails.

Yukata, Strawberry camera cover and my handphone.

Me in yukata. =D

We actually got lost 'cause my dad, who was fetching me thought that it was held at the Shah Alam Stadium. Luckily my dad asked a friend of his and I called Kame and my dad finally figure out where it was.

The first reaction when I saw someone wearing yukata was "OMG YAY I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WEARING YUKATA!!" I was so scared that no one wore yukata even though I'm already sure that there will be people wearing it. I was so damn excited when I saw more than one people wearing it and I feel so relief.

Not much pictures 'cause I haven't get them yet.

The Japanese Ice Cream - Yokomon!

I was so busy eating I forgot to take pictures of the food. I actually ate a bowl of curry rice, which was super delicious!! Not spicy at all, suitable for people who can't eat spicy food, like me. haha

There was 3 sessions of dance with 4 different dances each session. I missed the first session and was actually really .... speechless. Well I don't wanna say why 'cause I choose to forget it even though I can't. >_> Then I dance the 2nd and 3rd session. It was fun. =3

Drummers <3

And guess what we saw?


Ugh, no respect at all for the dead. You're not suppose to cosplay here. How do you like it if I cosplayed at your funeral? =_= AND Ichimaru Gin is suppose to look good lor.


Water balloon thingy.

Oh ya! While we danced, I saw Morning Musume fans doing the dance lor! So damn funny but I respect for being a die hard fan. *salutes* Ahh~ I wish I could meet X Freaks there.

The next day, Sunday IS MY CONVOCATION!!

The day before convo.

I went there quite early at 7am, and there was only like 4 people there. One of the people, who is a guy already wore the graduation robe. When I take a closer look, I noticed that that guy is that eye-sore I saw a few times in the college. Why did I call him that? 'Cause I always saw him with a bunch of girls, and talking so loudly like he's really smart.

AND he's not even good looking. =x

Just kiddin.

Without the hat.

Oh yeah! See if you can notice anything in these 3 pictures.

School of Arts and Science

School of Business Studies

School of Social Science and Humanities

See the colors.

Yellow, Red and Purple.

Doesn't it remind you so much of Digi, Hotlink and Celcom?? LOL.

The RED colors where the majority of the graduands, which means Hotlink rocks! =3

Anyway back to the convo.

Shvon helps =3

My family were all present and they took some pictures! (Eventhough they aren't suppose to)

On screen!

Then it was that moment! Time to take the scroll!! =D

On stage!

Empty scroll thingies.

Me bored.


Me and Shvon.

Ah~ The ceremony was gone through fast and we were let to go. Everyone was cheering! X3 What a nice feeling.

I R Graduand.

Family. <3

Graduand friends.

My lovely blue rose.


Meet my new friend Momochi!! =D It's a pink bear and it's soft and nice to hug and I hug it every night!! Love it so much!! X3

Lots of friends on the bed and Yoshiki-sama on the wall!! YAY!!! XD

Bye now!



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